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The Products Of Me Communities!

The "Products Of Me" Communities are for "Like Minded" individuals that love manifesting their own ideas and building on them! My goal is build a community of Content Creators/Mentors that love seeing and helping each other win in life and business! Which is the core meaning of "Community Over Competition" for me!

Community Over Competition

The diversity of how graphic design and being an experienced camera operator applies to others isn't the same for everybody. Just browsing through multiple Ambassadors Store pages is the "Best" way to get inspired by how others are benefiting from these skill sets!

Are You A Content Creator? Love Riding Bikes?
A Independent Music Artist?
Join Our Communities!

Being someone that didn't have anybody to ask for help when needed, building a community based support system for Content Creator's to help each other is more valuable than having another platform to sell shit to each other! By having both a Free "Public" side of the Community and a "VIP" monthly subscription based side to the Community makes sure that nobody accidentally stumbles across that in which don't apply to them! Since I can only do business with those who are 18 and up, the "Free" communities are for inspiring and motivating others of all ages. Sharing "uncensored" content you want help with is only allowed behind closed doors in the paid VIP communities. As a VIP member you get access to the "Secured" side of the communities where Ambassador's and Creator's can get help and collaborate on projects BEFORE the projects actually become available publicly! 

As a digital "Content Creator" myself, I can/will say not ALL of the content that I create is appropriate for all ages. I will remove/deny both under age and adult "consumers" that can't/don't/won't contribute "usable" advice for other paying creators in the community! The reason for standing on and sticking to the fundamental definition/meaning of "Community Over Competition" is because each Ambassador has already established a "Market" place and community to communicate/interact with their followers. Products Of Me is the place to get help to stand out and compete for business else where on the internet, NOT here!

Best Value

VIP Rider Community Membership



Every month

Where adult riders can be just riders, not representing who they ride for!

Valid until canceled
14 day free trial

Most Helpful

VIP Content Creator Community Membership



Every month

The Community Based Help Desk!

Valid until canceled
14 day free trial

The Communities!

The "Products Of Me" Communities are for "Like Minded" individuals that love manifesting their own ideas and building on them!

Even though what I can do as a graphic designer applies to those within different communities. This doesn't mean everybody has to be forced into sharing and/or interacting together using the same community pages!

The 3 Communities that I've been involved in and have ties to are Content Creators, Independent Music Artists and the BMX Community. There is both a "Free" and "Paid" option for each of these communities!

The "Free" communities are for the "Consumers" of all ages to find motivation and inspiration from others.

The "Paid" communities are for "Adult's Only" to help and/or get help from others doing the same!

Join all the communities that apply to you!

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