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Need Help With A Fundraiser?

A Store With Merch Can Help With That!

Our online Stores and Merch items are also a great way to help raise funds for many different occasions! Since all of the products that can be used in fundraisers are Print-On-Demand items that are made at the time of purchase. There is virtually no upfront inventory "Cost" or setup fees involved when using this site to host a fundraiser! You can browse through some BMX ambassador pages for "examples." They're consistently raising funds for themselves as riders and the teams they ride for throughout the year!

How Can I Help With Your Fundraiser?

Being able to design and provide an online store to sell a few products isn't the only way I can help as a graphic designer. I can also create flyers for print and/or online promotions to raise awareness of the fundraiser! Thinking about selling tickets to a fundraising event to raise money? I can help with that, too! 

Browse Our BMX Ambassadors!

Browse some of our BMX Ambassador pages for some great ideas for your fundraiser! 

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