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About Me: Eric Van Brocklin

The foundation that "Products Of Me" is built on is the graphic design skills that I have developed over the past 17-18 years of creating content and building websites for other people! Learning "Graphic Design" is the answer/solution to me getting the most out of each piece of content that I create. It's the "reason" that I know more ways to benefit from the content, beyond the traditional uses of said content as well! 

Like most people that consider themselves digital content creators, I to am 100% self taught when it comes to both graphic design and using cameras! I can personally relate to those I work with the most in this way. Even though I've never shared/sold my own personal collection of photos, I taught myself how to use the camera by spending countless hours in front of it. Like most people do these days!

When it comes to helping others by either doing something or showing them how, my ability to do so depends on whether I already have. Not my ability to learn something new! I find it best to stick to what I already know.

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