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How Can I, Products Of Me, Help You?

At Products Of Me I offer a variety of graphic design services for many different situations! I carry a variety of popular merch items with a history of selling fast. In addition to designing products I can also host and manage your personal online bio/store page for you, for free! The Products Of Me Merch/Rider Shops are collections of products by like minded individuals as well. This combination of services allows me to help monetize peoples social media platforms with complete lines of products instead of single items! This also allows me to host short term Fundraiser projects to help raise funds, too. As groups of individuals sharing the same platform, together we can build communities that truly are Community Over Competition!

Browse My Core Products

Having a "Core" set of products such as these is the only way that I can guarantee there will ALWAYS be products available in the stores I create for other people. However, These are NOT the "ONLY" products I can design for you! As a third party graphic designer, whom I send the finalized design files to so "THEY" can manufacture your products is also optional as well. By having a core set of products already fully integrated into the site, this enables me to design and release these particular products the fastest! You can view the profit break down for these products here!

Use Ambassador Code "ManifestIt" to get a 1 time 20% Off Discount on all Master Planner products!

The foundation that "Products Of Me" is built on is the graphic design skills that I, Eric Van Brocklin, have developed over the past 17-18 years of creating content and building websites for other people! Learning "Graphic Design" is the answer/solution to me getting the most out of each piece of content that I create. It's the "reason" that I know more ways to benefit from content, beyond just it's traditional uses! Being a well rounded experienced camera operator myself enables me to also do the majority of work that goes "hand-in-hand" with what my "needs" are as a graphic designer. Having these combined skills creates a really high level of consistent "Branding" across the board organically, in everything that I can do, all because I am the only person involved in maintaining it! Same applies to this website!

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